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Top 5 most active user in April will be awarded with a free book of their choice!!!

The winner will be determined base on the total points they have collected during the month of April 2015. If you love reading, this is a contest you really don't want to miss.  

Term and Conditions.

1. The contest is open to all School Internet Radio Premium Member.

2. The result will be available on 1st May 2015, and its final.

3. The winner must provide their address within a week after the result is out. (Malaysia postage address)

4. The prizes are not exchangeable with cash.

5. The winner must be a registered Premium Member before 1st May 2015.

6. The winner may choose only one item from this list as their prize.

7. Admin has the right to revoke the winner in case of any unethical practice to gain points. (ex. Forum Spam)